Five strategic focus areas (5 ‘A’s )
As a result of multiple community-level assessments and strategic planning exercises, CFPA actively supports local, provincial and national initiatives in the following areas:

Adolescents and Young People: All adolescents and young people are aware of their sexual and reproductive rights, are empowered to make informed choices and decisions regarding

HIV/AIDS prevention: HIV/AIDS prevention and compassionate care, including community-based institutional capacity-building and household integrity

Access: All people, particularly the poor, marginalized, the socially-excluded and under-served are able to exercise their rights, to make free and informed choices about their sexual and reproductive health, and have access to sexual and reproductive health information, sexuality education and high quality services including family planning.

Advocacy: Strong public, political and financial commitment to and support for sexual and reproductive health and rights at the national and international level.


Abortion: A universal recognition of a woman’s right to choose and have access to safe abortion, and a reduction in the incidence of unsafe abortion.