“Five Cares” in Action:

Early 2006, pilot activities of the Reproductive Care campaign were initiated on the basis of the success of various programs and actions in support of family planning and reproductive health in many provinces and cities around the country. This campaign became a multi-sector and multi-department effort and a nationwide action when 10 Chinese ministries and departments issued a joint circular calling for further carrying out the reproductive care campaign during the entire period of the 11th Five-Year Plan for National Economy and Social Development ( 2006-2010). This campaign is one of the public welfare plans being implemented in China thanks to the achievement of the rapid social and economic development of the country over the past three decades. Because it has 5 target groups the campaign is usually called “Five Cares” campaign.

5 target groups
Families that practiced family planning but are in difficulties and hardship;
Couples in childbearing ages that are in need of reproductive health information and services or other support;
Only child of the family;
Family planning workers at the grassroots level who need help.

CFPA was one of the pioneers of this nationwide campaign and the present CFPA leadership has given “Five Care” a high priority in its work agenda. In 25 pilot sites the local FPAs have taken a leading role and have, in close collaboration with the local Population and Family Planning Commissions, Women’s Federations, Red Cross Societies, Trade Unions, Youth Leagues, Army, etc., been actively carrying out many innovative activities in a rather flexible manner according to the local conditions and the actual situation of the target groups.

Emergency aid. To provide necessary aid to the family planning practicing families when they are hit by a serious accident or sickness or encountered with other unexpected difficulties;

Small poverty alleviation projects. To help people with small credit loans and other income generating activities specially designed in accordance with the actual situation of the families;

Volunteers. To organize students from schools and universities, army soldiers, professionals and specialists from different occupations to go down to the communities and villages to provide people with free services such as FP/RH counseling, technical information and skill trainings, etc;

Special “kin” ties. To encourage students from schools and universities, army soldiers and other young people to visit and form special ties with some elderly people or couples who lost their only child and became lonely and helpless;

Publicity and advocating. To organize publicity and avocations of the “five cares” through media, art performances and other channels to create a favorable environment in the society in support of the “Five Cares”.

In Jiangsu province, a social security mechanism in favor of family planning has been put in effect in an all-round way. Those parents over 60 who have only one child are granted with an award not less than 600 Yuan per person per year. The Nantong municipal government provided couples in the rural areas who lost their only child with 18,000 Yuan to enroll them into a basic old-age pension system so that they could get a pension of 180 Yuan every month when they reach age of 60.
Although Gansu is still a poor province in China due to difficult natural conditions the provincial FPA nevertheless managed to turn the “Five Cares’ campaign into joint efforts by all the departments in the province. For instance, the civil department enrolled 59,000 impoverished family planning practicing families into a basic social support system while the health department waved the registration fee for 70,000 family planning practicing families when they joined the new rural cooperative medical scheme. The women’s federation contributed 5.94 million Yuan to help 7,061 family planning practicing families in the droughty areas construct small size water reservoirs. A total of 200 million Yuan has been mobilized for the “Five Cares” activities thus greatly benefiting the family planning practicing families in the province.

Feng Chenchen, a 16 year old village girl in Yitong county, Jilin province, was tempted to give up her opportunity to study in university when she received the admission letter from the university she applied because both her parents died and she could not afford the traveling expenses and tuitions. The local FPA members donated 5,000 Yuan to her and convinced the civil department to provide her with 1,500 Yuan every semester. “Without the FPA and other kind people’s help I would be shut out of the university because of poverty.” said Feng Chenchen when she finally realized her dream to study in the university. Feng is one of the lucky ones among tens of thousands of poor girls who benefited from the “Five Cares” campaign.
Yang Baotian and his wife, residents in the Zhaoyang district , Beijing, almost lost hope to live when their only son died in an accident. Some soldiers in the nearby barracks volunteered to visited this old lonely couple from time to time helping to do housework and chatting with them just like their own children. Yang and his wife proudly told their neighbors that they now have many soldier sons In Nantong city, Jiangsu province, there are 22,064 young volunteers who have formed special “kin” ties with 10,710 similar family planning practicing families, offering different kinds of assistance.

New boost
The “Five Cares” campaign was given a further boost when a new launching and resource mobilization meeting was held on28-29 May 2007 in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Representatives from all the provinces attended the meeting and shared their experiences and future plans among themselves. A total of 13.4 million Yuan was donated at the meeting for the ‘Five Cares’ campaign by local governments, Insurance companies, enterprises and individuals. This clearly indicates that the “Five Cares” campaign has gained full support of the whole society and become people’s joint efforts in building a harmonious society in the country.