Colleagues from Both Sides Congregated at Ningbo

Colleagues from Both Sides Congregated at Ningbo While Experts from the Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan Deliberated Adolescent Health
China Family Planning Association (CFPA) Held the ASRH Education Seminar between Both Sides and Hong Kong areas
Lately, CFAP called together colleagues and experts from both sides of the strait and Hong Kong to hold the Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health (ASRH) Education seminar. The workshop took place in Ningbo for the first time. Yue Chong, the deputy mayor of Ningbo and Xi Xiaoping, the vice-executive president of CFPA warmly welcomed colleagues from both sides and thanked their coming for the cause of ASRH, and wished they could discuss together problems, challenges and solutions on ASRH education among youth from both sides.
In the new situation, this workshop was a new task and exploration concerning adolescent healthy growth on both sides. Therefore, it was extremely meaningful and essential.
Youth means hope and future. However, sunshine, fruits and flowers are not always seen on their way of growth, on which there are also thorns, obstacles and challenges. Especially when the society is changing rapidly, informationization is developing quickly and social pressure is added increasingly, the ASRH problems are more and more distinct. Meantime, educators of teenagers around the world are paying special attention to the problems. Though there are different developing circumstances among teenagers on both sides and Hong Kong areas, many similar problems and challenges on reproductive health may be faced with, such as STI/HIV prevention, sexual abuse, sexual violence, unwilling pregnancy and unsafe abortion. In different levels of the society, there are some problems and challenges: ASRH rights are not recognized widely and completely; teenagers are not able to get comprehensive information; adult-youth communication methods are not enough; part of the youth especially girls are suffering gender discrimination; reproductive health rights are not fully protected and so on. These problems and challenges limit youth growth and development. In order to deal with these problems, governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and all circles should work together. So it is the same with colleagues from both sides and Hong Kong areas.
This workshop has provided a communicative platform for colleagues on both sides. During the workshop, they summarized and discussed their experience of educating and serving ASRH, studied the recent situation of educating and serving ASRH as well as problems and solutions. Great development and contribution have been made on ASRH education and service from both sides and Hong Kong areas.
CFPA is one of the largest NGOs on family planning/reproductive health field in China. It now has more than 1 million branches and 94 million member-volunteers. In its 2005~2010 development strategy, ASRH education has been put on the first place in the five strategies. ASRH education is not only the essential content of “Five Cares” campaign carried out by CFPA, but also a brand project made by CFPA.
In recent years, CFPA has worked closely with governments, NGOs and all circles to carry out a series of adolescent health projects with great influence. Hundreds of thousands of youth has been benefited from it. Public concern about ASRH problems has been increased. Government function has changed from administrative to service-oriented. Pregestational education has been shifted to antemarital education.
Through practice, CFPA has groped and summarized a series of successful experience: exerting international concept; striving for governmental support; advocating social concern; increasing association competence. The successful experience has been promoted to the whole nation. About five hundred project points have been established.
During the seminar, representatives not only deeply discussed shared problems and challenges but also visited Ningbo municipal adolescent health emergency department. They observed adolescent health class in Li Xinggui High School. Representatives and experts from Taiwan and Hong Kong talked with teachers and students with great excitement, discussing their interested problems and solutions.
Caring adolescent healthy development is the common responsibility taken by our whole nation. Colleagues from both sides and Hong Kong areas are making great effort to take responsibility and playing an important role in this activity. They would also spearhead the whole society to push forward the implementation of the project effectively. This workshop was a good chance for both sides and Hong Kong areas to cooperate and communicate much more deeply and comprehensively. A heated discussion has been made about how to establish a permanent communication mechanism about ASRH education and service among related organizations from both sides and Hong Kong areas. Promises have been made to make good advantage of each geography and information and to jointly establish a caring platform to protect adolescent healthy development.
Future always belongs to younger generation. Mr. Liang Qichao has ever said that “Intelligent youths lead to a rational country. Rich youths lead to a wealthy county. Well equipped youths lead to a powerful country” It is the excellent youths for generations that can bring about a great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. We cannot rewrite history, but we can create it. CFPA will hold hands with colleagues from both sides and Hong Kong areas. With great efforts and perseverance, CFPA will make contribution to the glorious course of caring adolescent healthy development.