Reproductive health service

Serve the people heart and soul 
The 1994 International Population and Development Conference (ICPD) marked a turning point for the world's demographics-driven family planning programs, re-orienting them toward provision of comprehensive reproductive health services. CFPA has already 
incorporated in its own strategy the IPPF's Strategic Plan, Vision 2000.
20 FPA reproductive health counseling centers have been established since 1998 to supplement the health sector and FP technical facilities at community level.

The demand for high quality of care in FP and RH is increasing along with the development of the economy and society in China. The 20 RH counseling centers are capable:
To complement inadequate government services for disadvantages groups.
To develop experiment and demonstrate innovative approaches and procedures of high quality RH/FP services.
To access more directly to its ultimate clients and thus creating more opportunities to assess and meet their needs through direct interaction.

Target groups
Usually the married couples are the targeted population in family planning service. This leaves a large gap in service to the other groups. The 20 RH counseling centers mainly provide service to:
Adolescents and unmarried youth;
The aged; and
The floating population;
Under-served populations.

Centers provide various services
Prevention of reproductive diseases
Social marketing
Experience sharing
Disseminating IEC materials
Training on counseling skills and youth-friendly services

Principles of reproductive health counseling centers
To meet various needs of different groups, especially the underserved population
To provide services not covered by the government medical establishments
To provide services that CFPA is capable to provide.