Democratic participation and supervision

Democracy,Freedom, Equality 
Since late 1980s, CFPA network has explored ways to channel public views about family planning policy and practice to policy-makers in order to safeguard people's reproductive rights. Encouraged by the International Planned Parenthood Federation and building on the local initiatives, CFPA launched its Democratic Participation and Supervision (DPS) Program in 1995 and formulated a document “Provisional Regulations Governing the Democratic Participation and Supervision of Family Planning Associations”.

DPS involves CFPA in government meetings related to family planning issues, where it represents the views of the people and tries to monitor the performance of officials in order to :
Ensure fairness of treatment 
Protect the legal rights and interests of people 
Prevent corruption and abuses in FP programs

Provide channels for members of the community to fully participate in legislative and administrative policy-making processes related to reproductive health and family planning.
Hold public officials and government staff accountable for conducting reproductive health and family planning activities according to the law, respecting the people’s reproductive rights.
Supervise provision of clinical services, particularly with regard to reducing instances of unsafe abortion.

Reproductive rights
China Family Planning Association is committed to protecting the public from any form of coercion in family planning and reproductive health services. The nationwide Family Planning Association network has promoted the IPPF Charter for Sexual and Reproductive Rights by widely using pamphlets, posters and other educational materials. The Charter has also been publicized and discussed in many newspapers and magazines published by provincial and municipal Family Planning Associations, reaching key policy-makers and the broad public.

Approaches and activities
Interpret and sensitize the key messages of the Law on Population and Family Planning to people at the grassroots level; 
Advocate for the village committee and community to provide quality RH/FP services to the people.
In the process of rural villagers’ autonomy and urban community development, encourage the FPA members to take the leading role in following the village regulations and practices on family planning.

Hold the village committee accountable for a fair and transparent implementation of the family planning program in the village.
Encourage local FPAs to actively participate in discussion and review of the related local regulations on family planning so that the opinions and suggestions of the people can be articulated and their rights and interests protected.